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Hei Ea

Undying Emperor of Le Zhea

How can we be so sure that our supposed leader isn't just some pile of bones upon that colossal throne? We've never seen them, and we don't even know their name. All they are known is their title, Hei Ea.
— Plaxlotec, leader of a slave uprising

  The Hei Ea is the monarch of the Empire of Le Zhea and anwsers only to Re Yel, the personification of the sun and the main deity of Ryelism. So far, there has only ever been a single Hei Ea. Their name is unknown to all, and by now, after thousands of years, most of their people believe that the title is their name. The tile was created in 3321 BA by the current Hei Ea who overthrew the old Empire of Lethea.

Silent Sovereign

Ever since 1849 BA, the Hei Ea has been secluded in the Imperial Palace, a giant sprawling complex large enough to house the population of a large town. None are allowed to enter, and the servants are forced to stay in the complex.
  The Hei Ea used to send out messages and orders by writing them down and slipping the paper through a narrow slot in the front doors of the palace, but the orders had stopped coming in 227 BA. Since that day the rest of the nation has been unsure whether anyone still breathes in the palace, but they continue delivering supplies to there nonetheless.
  The governors of the Empire of Le Zhea eventually formed the Teihua, a council that would rule over the country in the absence of their Hei Ea.

  The Imperial Code of Laws is vague regarding the methods of determining a successor for a Hei Ea, and it's currently unclear what would happen to the country if the ruler were to die. Likely, the Hei Ea just assumed that they would never die and therefore they saw no need for clear succession laws to be written down.
  Several prominent politicians and generals suspect that if something were to happen to the Hei Ea, then the country would have to go through a war of succession. Without their leader, the Teihua would lack the legitimacy to lead the whole country, and the only way they would be able to stay in power would be by gaining the loyalty of all armies.
  There are some conspiracies out there claiming that the Hei Ea is already dead. They believe that the Teihua have been keeping the knowledge from the rest of the population to stay in control. A few other theories claim that their leader is merely imprisoned in the palace.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
3321 BA
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The Empire of Le Zhea is the oldest human country on the continent of Lethea. They are known and feared for their military might and advanced technology.

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