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Genetic Engineering


Purification of the Zheans

After the priests of the sun learned about the technology to alter genes, they sought to purify their people, hoping that by improving to use their new powerful discovery to create a superior race of people who would be more resistant to the suns radiation, but not all priests agreed with that idea. Eventually after a swift, yet brutal power struggle, the so-called "pro-sun" priests claimed victory, and instead of altering the Zheans to become more resistant to the sun, they did the opposite and altered their melanin levels, allowing their skin to reflect more of the sun's brilliance.

Once they had successfully modified the members of the priesthood and all of their children, the priests of the sun went to discuss matters with the newly formed Yuntanish Imperium. Claiming that the genetic engineering technology could be used to create stronger and more obedient soldiers, the priests asked for permission to "purify" all Zheans and since the Yuntanish court had great, almost insatiable ambitions, they accepted, forcing all new-born children to go through the purification process.

Creation of the Dantuir

In the year 5554 BA the government of the Empire of Le Zhea created a completely new intelligent species that they hoped would help them suppress revolts. This new species of tall black-scaled creatures with the legs of a grasshopper and the head of a dragon could jump up high and impale their foes with spears as they landed. The Lethean government named them the Ta-Tur, but they quickly broke through their master's propaganda and the inherent obedience they possessed, and as the Empire began to crumble, the Ta-Tuir rejected their name and began referring to their species as Dantuir instead. They rose up, betraying their masters in their time of need, and they founded an organization known as the Order of Dantalax.

Altering of Others

Although the plans to alter the subjugated peoples of Lethea had been created in the early 5300s, the Lethean government began their most ambitious project in the early spring of 5354 BA. The plan was to change the other ethnicities of the Empire so much that they would eventually look just like normal Zheans. Once such a "purification" would have been done, the Letheans would have destroyed any historical documentation, painting, sculpture, or any other work of art or writing that mentioned the subjugated peoples. The hope was that in several generations, all of Southern Lethea would identify as Zheans and that all potential thoughts of rebellion would be eliminated. Unfortunately for the Empire of Lethea, the people of modern-day Pallernia weren't willing to let their oppressors destroy their culture and ethnicity and so they rose up and against all odds, crushed the Lethean army at the Battle of the Alse, causing more and more people to rise up and dismantle the Empire.



The government of the Empire of Le Zhea uses the technology to genetically alter the population so that they would fit the state's needs. Most of the uneducated masses who work on professions that require manual labor, receive modifications that allow them to endure under heavy workloads and the alterations make them less prone to disobeying authority.

The aristocrats and intellectuals are molded in their mother's womb so that they could fit their family's and the state's wishes. These alterations make their leaders more charismatic, smarter, and stronger than any other human. Since all of them received had their genes altered when they weren't even born yet, none had the ability to choose what they wanted to do with their life. All members of the upper classes have to do what they were designed to do, otherwise, they'd be incompetent and not useful to the greater society as a whole.


Members of the sun-worshipping clergy have access to even more advanced forms of genetic engineering and they are the only ones who are allowed to cure cancer. Despite having better technology than their own government, the clergy is very conservative with such powers, only using them to help cure the faithful of otherwise incurable conditions.
Sun worshipping cultists from the Yuntanish Imperium
Access & Availability
Only available to members of the sun worship clergy
The discovery remains a closely guarded secret by the government of Le Zhea
Empire of Le Zhea
Organization | Sep 8, 2023

The Empire of Le Zhea is the oldest human country on the continent of Lethea. They are known and feared for their military might and advanced technology.


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