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Conquerors of the Continent

In an ideal world we’d all stand united against the common threat, but alas, humans can’t even get three villages to collaborate peacefully, the alchen are too miserable to work with, and the panedur are comfortable sitting in peace on their mountain slopes.
— Unknown historian
  Geprati is a term used to describe humans, alcheni, and the panedur. The term came from the Aiterean language and quickly spread across the continent of Lethea following the Ascension of Hillen and the rapid rise of Hillenism. The three gerpati species are associated with free will, intelligence, and a fair amount of petty squabbling amongst each other, while their primary foe, the aberati, are nearly the exact opposite.    
Human by Midjourney


The human species has been on Lethea far before the arrival of the other geprati. They waged a long and brutal war against the aberati, eventually coming out on top and driving their enemy into long centuries of seclusion. With the discoveries of certain lost technologies, mankind spread throughout the continent and created powerful empires, the first of which being the Empire of Lethea, the predecessor of Le Zhea.   Others see humans as religious fanatics and nationalists who look down on other species. Even though many of them don’t hate other geprati purely on the basis of their species, they do still consider themselves to be superior. Mankind’s grip on the continent has become so strong that there are some now who wonder if any of the other geprati have a place in the world anymore.
Alcheni woman
Alchen by Midjourney


The last of the geprati to arrive on Lethean soil, the alcheni achieved a lot in the centuries after their arrival. At the height of their greatness, their imperium was the envy of all, but that golden age ended a long time ago. Long centuries of humiliation and the guilt many of them bare for the deeds of their ancestors have had their toll on them. Most have given up on rebuilding and instead embraced hedonism.   The other geprati, especially the humans, view the alcheni as decadent fools who are unwilling to face their problems. There are, however, some who do wish to save their society from collapse, but often these people are drawn to extremist beliefs and the fires of their revolutions are as quick to burn out, but not before engulfing innocent lives in their flames.
Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis


The panedur are a load of god-hating isolationists who enjoy the comforts of their mountain homes. Many of them have rather pacifist values, but that doesn’t prevent them from blasting away all who dare encroach on their lands with the power of their great howitzers, powerful machines of war that only the panedur seem to possess.   Where the origins of the panedur lie is as mysterious as how they had come across their deadly technology. Some suspect that they had lived in the mountain paths of Lethea since the dawn of time, keeping themselves hidden from mankind. Other theories suggest they had burrowed to Lethea from underneath the ocean, eventually emerging from the earth and moving to the highlands.
Genetic Descendants
Geprati (outdated)

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