Intelligent and Unaltered

We were the first to emerge, the first to create powerful continent-spanning empires and the first to discover the unimaginable. Our positions have been secured with blood and steel. Our legacy will weather even the greatest of storms.
— Unknown historian

Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis


The human species has been on the continent of Lethea far before the other geprati arrived. They waged a long and brutal war against the aberati, eventually coming out on top. With the discoveries of lost technologies, mankind spread throughout the continent and created powerful empires.
  Humans are seen by others as religious fanatics and nationalists who look down on other species. They may not hate others, but they certainly believe that they are superior.

Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis


The last of the geprati to arrive on Lethean soil, the elchen achieved a lot after their arrival. At the height of their greatness, their imperium was the envy of all, but that golden age ended a long time ago. The long centuries of humiliation have had their toll on them. Most have given up on rebuilding and instead embraced hedonism.
  The other geprati, especially the humans, view the elchen as decadent fools who are unwilling to face their problems. Several prominent intellectuals have claimed that due to their decadent ways, their species will go extinct.

Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis


Centuries ago the panedur were quite similar to the humans, the main differnce being their appearance and habitat, but their kind has changed. The once proud people who venerated their forefathers now see their past as their greatest shame. Instead of war and religion, the panedur of today are now concerned with pacifism and misotheism.
  Panedur are viewed as god-hating isolationists who refuse to share their technology with the rest of the world. There are countless conspiracy theories about them and their discovery of gunpowder.

What are the Geprati?

Geprati is the Ambrelic term used to categorize the original intelligent and unmodified species of Ryel.   They are sometimes referred to as geometric species as each of them has a number and the geometric shapes associated with that number. Humans have eight-sided stars and octagons, elchen have heptagons, and the panedur have hexagons.

Genetic Descendants

Becoming Geprati

There are species that have attempted to or are trying to become acknowledged as geprati. In recent years the goblins have tried gaining the respect and prestige that comes with the name.   Few are willing to accept them as their achievements in the world have been negligible, their technology crude, and their ways backwards. The goblins claim that the number three and all the geometric shapes associated to it are theirs.

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