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Home of the Geprati

Lethea is the largest continent on the planet of Riel and the only landmass that is inhabited by all the various geprati species and the aberati, making it a bloodstained land with a history of war and misery. Over the course of millennia of warfare, mankind has emerged as the masters of the continent, while the panedur mostly live in isolation in their highlands and the alcheni struggle with corruption and the degradation of their societies.   The northern parts of the continent, vast territories that lie beyond a mighty mountain range known as the Divide, remain unexplored by the geprati as the mountains seem impassible and ships attempting the journey never return. There are many who believe that the mountains are simply the end of the world and that there's nothing beyond its heights while some scholars worry that the north is home to the aberati and that their hordes are preparing to overrun the world like they had nearly done in 240 BA.
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