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Home of the Geprati and the Aberati

It is our sacred duty to cleanse this world of the aberati filth. We will never know peace and true prosperity while they still lurk in the dark and threaten our families.
— Knight-Inquisitor Ûlarin Edelwichen of Eberstêi
  Riel is a habitable terrestrial planet located in the Ahillaciq solar system in the Milky Way. It is the second planet from the sun and there are two satellites that orbit Riel, Teril and Vol. A day on the planet lasts 26 hours, and it takes 333 days for it to complete an orbit around its sun.   The planet is home to the geprati and the aberati who have been waging an endless war against one another since the dawn of time, soaking the soil of the world's largest continent, Lethea, with blood. The planet is also home to various spirits that live in a spiritual realm that is overlapped with the mundane world, but invisible to the eyes of mortals.
Alternative Name(s)
The Earth, The World
Location under
Included Locations
Teril, Vol
Solar day
26 hours
Orbital period
333 days
World type
Habitable wet continental world

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