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The Heavenly Pearl

Vol is quite the anomaly when compared to the other heavenly bodies in the night's sky. It has a surface that is both smooth and bright, outshining all but our sun itself.
  Vol is a small spherical satellite that orbits the home planet of all known life in the galaxy, Riel. It brightens the skies at night along with Teril, the planets larger, but far dimmer moon. For centuries this remarkable moon has confused astronomers and laymen alike with its smooth appearance and almost metallic reflection. Only with the use of advanced telescopes have people been able to spot irregularities on the surface. The strangeness, mystique, and ever-presence of the celestial body have earned it a place in legends and faiths around the world and there is evidence that Vol has an effect on their minds of the alchen folk.    

Religious Significance

There are several cultures around the world that revere the two moons, or gods or spirits, that are in some way connected to them in some significant way. With the two satellites of Riel ever-present in the lives of the people of the world, these celestial bodies gave certainty in times of doubt and provided a light in the darkness of night.  

Follwers of the Moons

Adherents of Herçaliahism, a faith commonly practised among cultures such as the Rahigi, put their trust in the two moons and worship them as their gods. Vol, for them, is an enlightened and wise guide that shepherds the faithful away from harm and deception, keeping them all safe from the dangers of their foes.  

The Twin Gods

Deep in the forests of what was once the Imperium of Valhértis lie the fading remnants of those who still follow the Pantheon of the Dawn. Practitioners of this faith claim that their gods Olícheril and Héril claimed the moons as their own, with Vol in the capable hands of the wise and aged Olícheril, the older of the two twins.
Planetoid / Moon
Satellite of
Vol's Visions
Condition | Dec 29, 2023

Vol's Visions is an incurable neurodegenerative disorder that starts showing its symptoms when an afflicted individual is in their teens, but gets worse as they age. It's the main cause of death for elderly alcheni.

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