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Ahillaciq System

Home of Riel

Ahillaciq's beauty is blinding, her grace scorching.
— Sunburnt blind man
  The Ahillaciq System is a star system in the Milky Way, which is home to six known planets, along with several natural satellites. At the centre of it all lies the yellow dwarf star, Ahillaciq, the bright ball of flame whose light and warmth have ensured that life on Riel can flourish. Because of its significance to every living being, the sun has been personified, deified, and ended up in the mythologies and religions of various cultures on Riel, especially among the Zheans.  


  • Elēi - Molten world
  • Riel - Continental world
    • Vol - Suspicious satellite
    • Teril - Barren satellite
  • Mehliq - Toxic world
    • Ūlac - Barren satellite
  • Tehlei - Barren world
    • Ilāvi - Barren satellite (existence disputed)
  • Vele - Gas world
    • Clenea - Barren satellite (existence disputed)
    • Hecil - Frozen satellite (existence disputed)
  • Alaqia - Gas world (existence disputed)
    • Rlāq - Barren satellite (existence disputed)

Ancient Theories

The scientific community is in agreement that there are at least five planets that orbit Ahillaciq, but some also say that there is the sixth one, Alaqia, and a couple of moons that aren’t traditionally recognized due to a lack of evidence pointing to their existence.   These claims originate from untraceable ancient claims from centuries ago, which has led many to wonder how the people of the past were able to make such bold claims when the technology they possessed wasn’t as advanced as the modern telescopes of the 16th century.   There have, however, been celestial bodies that were first theorised in these ancient tales, which were then later confirmed as telescopes improved over the centuries. Mehliq‘s satellite, Ūlac, is one such example of a moon that was mentioned in the theories before its eventual confirmation.
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Star System
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Geographic Location | Apr 17, 2024

Riel is a habitable terrestrial planet located in the Ahillaciq system which is the homeworld of the geprati and the aberati.

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