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Shrouded in Poison

Mehliq is the largest terrestrial planet in the Ahillaciq solar system. It is the third planet from its star and has a satellite in its orbit, Ūlac. The planet is believed to be toxic and therefore inhospitable to most known creatures, but whether or not other forms of life exist upon its surface is unclear. What is known of this celestial objects’s characteristics comes from records and tales that date back thousands of years and therefore the exact time of its discovery is unknown.   The inherent survivability of the aberati in environments deemed harsh and unlivable by human standards has led to the speculation that Mehliq was once the original home of those vile creatures, although even the proponents of such theories have been unable to explain how they ended up on Riel.
Location under
World type
Uninhabitable toxic world

Cover image: by Javier Miranda


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