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Essence of Life

How the world has remained in denial of the existence of the spirits is honestly baffling. We see them! They guide us and speak to us, how are they so blind and deaf?

  Spirits are living beings that are a lot like the geprati in terms that each spirit is an individual with their own dreams and personality. What sets them apart is their physical form and their longevity. They are known in the folklore of most cultures in Lethea, but only people who believe in Haltjanism think that the spirits exist. Their culture and religion are deeply interconnected with spirit veneration, and there are even some who can manipulate them either by persuasion or force, using their attributes to give the spirit mage powerful characteristics.


Most of the time, a spirit stays invisible to the eyes of corporeal beings, only revealing themselves when they've been lured out or if they so choose to do. Scholars have theorised that the spirits in their invisible form are still visible to each other.
  When they reveal themselves, a spirit takes the form of an ethereal being, usually in the form of a human. Its features will reflect their habitat in some way. For example a Järvi takes the form of a young woman. They will wear few if any clothes as their natural habitats are in the waters of lakes. The translucent spirit-woman will have a blue tint to them. Their visible form doesn't allow them to move through objects, and mortal beings will be able to touch and even harm them.


Just as with their appearances, a spirit's personality characteristics are greatly influenced by their environment. Spirits of rocks and stone might be stubborn and strong-headed, unwilling to help without a proper incentive. Not all spirits of the same type are identical. They are individuals with their hopes and dreams.
  While one Mürkka may refuse to assist someone since they are naturally distrustful and mischievous, there might be one of them who needs something from a spirit mage to further their own goals. In such a scenario, the Mürkka spirit would help the mage.
Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis
Sometimes I've wondered whether we can truly trust the adivce of something so old and wise. They must have ulterior motive!
— Niglas of Rannala



Haltjanists claim that all living beings have a Life-Spirit that keeps them alive. Soon after the birth of a child, a unique spirit whose primary purpose is to keep the living alive will join with the newborn. Occasionally spirits have even joined up with children still in the womb or eggshell, typically resulting in an earlier birth for mammals. A spiritless child will die soon after their birth.

Losing the Spirit

There are several ways a person with an existing Life-Spirit could lose their spirit. The most well-known way to lose one would be for a spirit magic to draw a different spirit into themself. After a while, the two spirits will get into a conflict over the body. The ensuing struggle will result in the host's death.

  Because of that, the Saralian have a tradition that involves burning incense and opening all doors and windows during the birthing process. The ritual's objective is to draw in Life-Spirits with the smell, allowing them to enter through the open doors and windows.
  In cultures where they deny the existence of spirits, deaths related to spiritlessness are blamed on different medical conditions.
Scientific Name

Spirit Magic

By using Spirit Magic, a person may draw a spirit into themselves, temporarily gaining their power and aspects of their personality before the spirit leaves. The powers depend on the spirit type and can be found on their article.
Organization | Jul 7, 2023

Haltjanism is a godless religion based on respecting and worshiping nature, ancestors, and spirits

Talvi's Sacrifice
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 16, 2019

Talvi's Sacrifice is a Saralian and Merellian way for someone to show their devotion and love to the one they care for the most.

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