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Old Man of the Oak

Perhaps the Old Man of the Oak could offer you some guidance. I've heard tales of his wisdom from the village elder. The guidance that the spirit had given her had led her out of depression and gave her the confidence to stand up for what's right.
— Hämarik Löitna

  The Tammetaat, Old Man of the Oak, or Oak-Father is a type of spirit that inhabits large and powerful oak trees. These spirits are known for their wisdom and the excellent advice they bestow on those who respect the old and sacred groves that their trees grow in. Those who have supposedly seen their physical form have claimed that they look like old men. Adorning their wrinkled face is an impressive beard that mixed with moss and grass.

Calm and Convincing

The Tammetaats are known and respected for their calm demeanour and wisdom. For thousands of years devout Haltjanists from across Sarala have searched for their ancient and powerful oak trees. Some go there before a great battle, seeking advice on how to stay alive, while others ask guidance to help with their personal relationships. Nearly everyone who has sought the spirits out has felt the need to go through with the Oak-Father's advice.
  That is their great power. It pushes those who might be hesitant or who lack the moral courage to go through with something that could change their lives for the better, but sometimes things go wrong. A Tammetaat may be wise, but they are still capable of making mistakes. On rare occasions, their guidance backfires, and the one who asked for their help will suffer from it.

Spirit Magic

By using Spirit Magic, a person may draw a spirit into themselves, temporarily gaining their power before the spirit leaves.   A Tammetaat gives the person who absorbed them additional wisdom, a better understanding of forested environments, and an authoritative charm that leads people to think that the spirit's host knows what they are talking about.   If the spirit is willing, their host could use them to affect people's minds. The Tammetaat's influence could convince the person that the host is communicating with to follow their advice or commands. For the spirit's host to use this, they would likely have to be a good friend or hold influence over the spirit.

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