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Daughters of the Deadlands

You won't survive the journey through the toxic wastes. At least not without the help of a Mürkka, and from what I've heard, their help comes at a steep price.
— Pekko Rõdala
  The Mürkka is a type of spirit that inhabits poisonous deadlands where toxic gas bursts from gaps in the earth. Also referred to as the Daughters of the Deadlands, they are considered to be selfish and malevolent, often enjoying the sight of a dying creature, trying their best to crawl out of the toxic environment. Those who've seen them in their translucent form have claimed that they look like frail and malnourished young women.  

Difficult to Work With

Communication with the Mürkka can be difficult as they will mock and take jabs at everyone they encounter. Often times, they may even try to convince people that a dangerous environment is actually safe. If that doesn't work, they will tell them that vast treasures lie beyond the poisonous deadlands.
Because of their hostility towards everyone, using them with Spirit Magic is very difficult. They are unwilling to help unless the one that needs them is willing to give them something good. The price remains up to the individual Mürkka, but it's usually something that will cost whoever needs them dearly.
If the spirit's price is too high and they are unwilling to cooperate or make any other compromises, then whoever whishes to gain their power temporarily could attempt to absorb them forcefully. Mürkkas aren't good at resisting forced absorption so they will likely flee further into the deadlands.

Spirit Magic

By using Spirit Magic, a person may draw a spirit into themselves, temporarily gaining their power before the spirit leaves.   A Mürkka gives the person who absorbed them immunity to the poisonous gas that is present in that particular spirit's native environment.   As Mürkkas are hateful spirits, they may affect the personality of their host, making them more spiteful and vain the longer that they inhabit their host.

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