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Central Plain

The Unknown Expanse at the Heart of Lethea

May your horse be swift and your eyes sharp. This vast stretch of land goes all the way from the hills of Ärli to the woods of southern Helendriel. If the monotony of the endless grassy fields doesn't kill you, then the bands of ravaging marauders will.
— Albarti Havi Ebraggi, travelling merchant
  The Central Plain is a vast plain at the heart of the known world. To most folk, it is a great expanse untouched by civilisation and dangerous to those who would dare traverse through its endless grassy fields. To the local peoples, however, it is their sacred homeland, untouched by the foreign despoilers who would see it pillaged of its natural beauty and openness. Various nomadic groups call the Plain their home, travelling the expanse with their large flocks of sheep and goats.  

Climate and Nature

Over on the western parts of the region, especially the around the northeast, the climate is dry and the grassy fields take on a more yellow or brownish tone. Forests and other vegetation are found more frequently along the Celadris river and its tributaries. The southeastern reaches of the Plain are more humid and green.   Winters in the Central Plain can get rather harsh, especially around the Malti Heights. When the weather gets too unbearable, the frost forces the natives of the Plain to migrate further away from the mountains and towards either the sea to their east, or towards the Mettelagen.

Political Landscape

Most of the Central Plain is dominated by various nomadic razirites, confederations, and hordes. Sedentary socities exist within the outskirts of the region, but they live under the constant threat of raids or invasions. The most powerful of these political entities is the Confederation of the Ualish, a vast country that originated from the Mettelagen. Those who have been incapable of fending off their raiders have been forced to kneel and pay tribute to the leaders of the confederation to prevent the total destruction at the hands of the Ualish.   Another country rising to the spotlight in regional politics is the Uari Razirite. Ruled by the cunning Milawsa Ba Uari and with their seat of power located at Ihantal's Spear, their ambitious people have expanded rapidly within a few decades. The Kingdom of Sarala had kept a weary eye on the Razirite, but with their dissulution, the path to more rapid expansionism has presented itself. From what's left of Sarala, only the Grand Duchy of Ärli and the March of Ihantala appear to take the threat of an invasion from the south seriously.
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