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Unwilling Servants of a Greater Threat

The rest of the world hates us. They fear what we might be without even needing to investigate. They're right to avoid us, of course. We bare a tremendous guilt and burden. It's best if everyone keeps away.
— Ahviçir ul-Bagadir, Speaker of the Başeiril
  The Hellriti are a people who dwell in and around the Raçah woods in the Central Plain. Information surrounding who they are and what they’re like is hard to come by, even to people who dwell close by. They are a strange folk who keep to their own, only interacting with others whenever their lands are being encroached on. Their isolationist nature and the shroud of mystery surrounding them have led way to stories and rumours that discourage folk from heading anywhere close to their woods.  


Driven by centuries of unfortunate circumstances, the Hellriti have formed a highly collectivised society. Individualism and personal ambition are all but driven from the youth at an early age. Those rebellious enough to resist their upbringing or to question their people’s way of life often have a habit of disappearing for a time. Most of them return to their homes, changed and mentally chained. Whether the rest escape their homeland or meet some other unfortunate end is unclear. Every action that a Hellriti man, woman, or child takes must be for the common good of their society and for the benefit of their true masters.    

Slaves of the Enemy

Unbeknownst to the world, the Hellriti are unwilling servants of the aberati. Through years of manipulation, blackmail, and the threat of annihilation, the foul enemy of mankind crept its way into the heart of Hellriti civilisation. Before anyone could suspect a thing, agents of the aberati supplanted the old traditionalist who upheld the true Hellriti values, replacing them with fear and order.   As their people quietly fell under the sway of darkness, the Order of the Başeiril was founded, uniting the various Hellriti razirite that had fallen to the aberati.
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