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Masters of Harps and Horses

It seems we’ve been left with no choice in this matter. If they want war, then we will give them a war to remember. Send forth the emissaries, seek out the Ualish. They will be the catalyst of our glorious victory.
— A disgrunteled man after hearing that his brother was given the family's old cookbook
  The Ualish are a nomadic people who dwell in the vast open plains of the Mettelagen. Most of their realms have united under the banner of the Confederation of the Ualish and they’ve become a force to be reckoned with in recent years. Ualish mercenary companies, bands of throat singers, and jaw harp artists are highly sought after across the world.  


Much like the other peoples who roam the vast grasslands of central Lethea, the Ualish spend a considerable portion of their lives on horseback. Their expertise with their animal companions has made Ualish mercenary companies that specialise in cavalry highly sought after. Besides the military side of their people, the masters of the fields of the Mettelagen are also renowned for their skill with the jaw harp.    

Mercenary Cavarly

Foreign lords and monarchs who rely heavily on mercenary bands have made much use of Ualish companies over the years. Considered trustworthy and professional, many of their cavalry companies have earned vast amounts of wealth in the service of foreign rulers and ambitious nobles.   While typically renowned for their success in battle, the reputation of the Ualish mercenaries suffered a heavy blow during the Sarzin Conflict. Their defeat in the Battle of the Lipsig Hills against the peasants of Aussel has made some reconsider hiring them.

Harpers and Throat Singers

Many believe that the Ualish are a warlike people who lack the time for art and music, but this is far from the truth. The higher classes of society and those more learned are well aware of their magnificent throat singers and the jaw harpers that often accompany them. Such bands of musicians are in high demand by the aristocracy all across the continent who seek to fill their halls with exotic music.   Whole parades of mounted throat singers have been organised for special events after successful important battles that have involved Ualish mercenaries. Such spectacular displays of their musical prowess are often the only way that the lower classes of foreign states can hear throat singing without travelling to Ualish lands.
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Battle of the Lipsig Hills
Military Conflict | Dec 30, 2022

The Battle of the Lipsig Hills was the second major fight in the Sarzin Conflict. It involved the allied forces of Aussel and Pessen who defended against a horde of Ualish mercenaries.


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