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Alenya’s Adventures An Apothecaria story

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Alenya Pinwick, Witch and Healer, has left the bustling city of Draxford to take up the position of the new resident witch in High Rannoc. This quaint mountain village appears at first to be as slow paced and idyllic as Alenya had hoped for. However, upon her arrival at the cottage, she finds a note that opens with these words:
"If you’re reading this, I’m probably missing...or dead. Let’s hope just missing."
No-one had warned her that this job came with the mystery of a missing predecessor. Now she has a village full of people and travellers to tend to, wild new locations to explore, all while trying to figure out what happened to the last witch and wondering, could the same happen to her?   From the heights of Moonbreaker Mountain to the depths of Hero's Hollow, there is plenty for Alenya to discover, about herself and her world. Through the pages of her journal, you will learn of her adventures, the characters she meets and the challenges she overcomes (or sometimes falls to). High Rannoc may have once just been a tiny dot on a map to Alenya, but it will soon become so much more than that, it will become home.

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Alenya’s Journal

by Anna Blackwell

Alenya's Adventures is a world built from the solo journalling RPG Apothecaria by Anna Blackwell. Alenya's journal is where AP. plays the game, interpretting and answering prompts for each event her witch encounters, and exploring pre-made locations.

This World Anvil world is to not only share AP.'s playthrough of the game, but to also expand and develop the world beyond the horizon of High Rannoc and its surrounding locales.

To learn more about the game and to get a copy of it yourself, click here.
(AP. is not affiliated in any way to Apothecaria or Anna Blackwell, she simply is a really big fan of the game.)