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Relaxation and Contemplation

Ready the baths, refill the pool! All who enter must leave these halls refreshed and filled with renewed strength.
— Aqere, Kireseria in Eilne
  A kirevesi is a large, multistorey building that serves as a place of worship for Abreanists. What sets it apart from other religious buildings is its large public pool, private rooms with baths, its focus on spiritual health, and a pitch-black room for those who have something to confess or are in need of guidance. Such buildings are colossal in scale and are present only in the wealthier and more prestigious settlements of the world.  


While other types of abreanist temples contain a large hall with pews for those who seek to hear the teachings of Abrea, the clerics of a kirevesi prefer to take a more personal approach to their divine duty. All members of the clergy, no matter their rank, partake in the relaxation along with the faithful who have joined them to rest and contemplate.   This personal approach allows them to discuss theology and their roles in the world with individuals, making sure that everyone understands the teachings. Such an approach does however mean that on busy days, there will be some who the clergy will be unable to talk to before they are done bathing. Many, both in the clergy and the general populace, view this in a positive light as not all who go there seek to strain their thoughts with enticing debates on religious theories and would rather contemplate life on their own in a relaxing environment.  

Room of the Lost

Every kirevesi has a small room with a complete lack of any light and thick stone walls which leave those in the room in silence. Typically, these Rooms of the Lost, as they are known as, are in the basement and they are meant for those who have reached a difficult hurdle in their life. Many of the faithful and even some unbelievers go there to ask for guidance when all other paths in their life seem bleak and their goals have fallen out of reach.   Most of the time, the room will be empty at first and the visitor will have to stand in the dark. Eventually a member of the clergy, usually a seris, will enter through a different entrance. Then the visitor will then be able to talk about their problems and seek the guidance they require.   Whoever is in the room with the visitor has sworn a sacred oath to tell no one about what they heard in the room or what advice they gave. The religious authority of the clergy even surpasses that of the secular states and no government has the right to demand information from clerics who have been to the dark room.
Alternative Names
Kiretia Vesitae
Cathedral / Great temple
Ruling/Owning Rank
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