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Echo Poppers

The Echo Popper is a Meta Tech that translates a users emotion to a surface that the 'reader' can tap into. It is used in many different applications, both luxury and utility.

We needed to get the truth, and one of the few things that people can't hide is their inner-emotions. When we have suspects who are hiding things from us, we give them the Echo Popper.

Using a popper during interviews gives us a glimpse into how someone truely feels about something. I've seen murderers who can candy their words, but they can never candy their emotions.

— Auric Detective

A Pen for Emotions

The Auric Popper is a small hand-held device that uses a Quartz crystal charged with an Auric spell that captures the emotions of those around them. These emotions can then be tapped into by anyone with meta to experience what emotions were being experienced at the time for capture.

The usages for the Auric Popper are endless. They are commonplace to find during festivals and celebrations, used to capture the positive emotions to be 'replayed' later by family and friends. They are also used for forensics and Echos detection, which allows non-Auric wielders to detect areas that need the services of an Exorcist.


It was the happiest day of my life when we married. It was an odd affair, the marriage of a Chea and a Hiserabi, but it was filled with fantastic food and a plethora of cultures meshing together. We went through a whole box of Auric Poppers.

Every year for our anniversery we pull out the poppers and experience the emotions of our union as if they were just yesterday.


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