Quill of Rallin

As a 'Dal,' the expense of so tiny a convenience makes my stomach churn.

As seen in
Quills of Rallin, officially named 'Magically Transmuted Gesticulating Hands, Designed and Fashioned by Rallin and Co.,' are not actually quills. Instead, they are a combination of book and glove designed 'for wizards, by wizards.' Rallin was a wizard with a particularly insightful financial mind that determined that one of the most profitable businesses would be ones that leveraged the huge amount of currency flowing into the Aemark Kingdom Academies.   Specifically, Rallin founded a company for the express purpose of providing basic tools for Academy students and recent graduates. Though magically enchanted textbooks are by far the largest part of their business, Quills of Rallin are a note-taking device to avoid hand cramps stemming from excessive writing. Essentially, the wearer moves their fingers minutely (as though writing very gently) and these movements are transcribed by the book into words on the page.   Taking notes and writing papers using a Quill of Rallin takes practice as movements are greatly exagerated by the glove, which can lead to wild strokes and illegible notes. Fortunately, all but the cheapest versions allow the wizard to undo the previous few strokes on a whim. As a design to reduce cramps, it functions very well, but also is limited to line-by-line writing due to the constraints of the enchantment. Drawing diagrams or writing notes in the margin must still be done by hand.   Some wizards swear by Quills of Rallin, even as the common pencil has become the standard among Academy students. Proponents of the product say they can take notes quicker, faster, more accurately, and with better penmanship. Others say that they are an unnecessary expense for a small inconvenience and can't even draw a circle if needed. Regardless, Rallin and Co. has managed to turn a significant profit on them for years.

Rallin and Co.

For decades, Rallin and Co. have researched, developed, and productized only the finest goods for the quintessential Academy student. Remember, nothing mundane holds a candle to the arcane.   What an idiotic slogan. Not everything has to be enchanted. Should my pillow fluff itself? ... Actually, that would be nice...
Written by Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat

Edited by Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat

Cover image: by Mia Stendal (Shutterstock)


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