Demons Drink Coffee

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Demons Drink Coffee is a novel set in the fictional world of Turan and its associated counterpart: the Realms. The author, SK Kage (Yeah, obviously a pen name. Who has the last name 'Kage?' Too ridiculous to be real.), writes this story for their own form of catharsis and enjoyment, but shares it with close friends and the community to vicariously enjoy their consumption of it as well.  
In its current state, Demons Drink Coffee spans ~42,000 words across eleven chapters (prior version) and is being rewritten. As the first act neared its close, the upcoming complexity of Act Two and the growing list of characters, organizations, political forces, and magical theory became unwieldy to manage without maintaining a significant amount of notes and background. Frustrated with using notebooks, Kage came to World Anvil and decided to build out the world.  
Cover Image by Vitali Bashkatov (Shutterstock)