Dire Fang

Be sure to apply the enchantment on the ink before you drop it into your eyes. It will burn terribly!

— Elder Testriniir’s warning

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Ink is funneled into the hollowed fang and is dropped into the writer or reader’s eyes to see the enchanting writing.

Manufacturing process

A needle-thin pick is needed to hollow the tooth and to remove any gore still remnant in it. Careful precision is needed to avoid breaking the tooth.

The ink’s mixture relies on your container size. You will want to mix 1/4 honey into it and the rest of the 3/4 with the grape juice. The coloring is then sprinkled across to cover the top. Stir for a minute and provide a sealing enchantment for ten minutes.

You may attempt to write with it early to test how it’s turning out. You will notice that it may look like a mess. You will want to apply the ink into one your eyes so covering one should allow you to see the difference. The inked eye should see the written text while the other should see nothing but a mess that looks like someone tried to write something.


Nivallen use this method of writing over quill and ink the most. Because these wood elves don’t write much, and they like their privacy should they write, this method was developed.

Item type
0.125 lbs.
Base Price
2 florens
Raw materials & Components

The core component is one large upper fang from a dire wolf for the easiest grip. Any other tooth would either be too small to effectively hold to write with or generally wouldn’t be optimal to use.

The ink requires beehive honey, crushed grapes, and pigment powder for color.


A needle-thin pick for the tooth. A jar to hold the ink you will be mixing it in.

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