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Gyssades Nail (Guy-say-dess Nayl)

In theWyrmblood War, the Dragon Gyssades was slain by members of the Forgotten Legion. Upon their return to Leithlein, they brought the dragon's head, scales, and claws.   One of Gyssades' claws was shattered in the battle and presented to the Court of Leithlein Temarech was given to the Court Wizard, who turned the five shards of the claw into specialized writing quills used with magical ink and for scribing magical documents, such as scrolls and spellbooks.   In the wake of the Haphrises War, one of the nails was stolen by agents of the Arcanum Institute. Two were lost between 1300 and 1500: one due to a fire in the Leithlein library, and one due to an attack by koboldss trying to bring Gyssades back as a Dracolich.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Each of Gyssades' Nails contains a small reservoir, as well as three thin channels that descend through the nail to its tip, where they flow under a zirconium nib.


A Gyssades' Nail is used to inscribe scrolls and spellbooks. When a scroll is written with one of Gyssades' Nails, it is imbued with both the maximize spell and extend spell metamagic feats.
Item type
Current Location
Owning Organization
Five quills were originally crafted, of which two remain at the court of the Kingdom of Nuaira. A third is rumored to have fallen into the hands of the Arcanum Institute .
0.5 lbs / 226.79 g
6 in / 15.24 cm
Raw materials & Components
Dragon keratin and zirconium


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