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Auburn Folios

Even if they look like regular writing material, these sheets are unique items with a particular quality: No lie can be written on them.

Components and fabrication

  There is no record on how the folios were created or with what materials. Just like many knowledge related items, these are hard to understand for percipients and the study of their composition is forbidden by most enlightened governments and organizations, because they are so rare.   Only a few scientist from Exthod have analyzed the folios deeply enough to determine that they have two main elements:
  • fibers with a diameter that ranges from 1/1500 to 1/500 of an inch. Unknown material.
  • plant fluid (the species varies between exemplars)
Different percipients agree that the "unknown material" is human hair, but the tests made in Exthod don't mention anything on that matter.
Some Borrowers and Essence Thieves affirm that there is some unfamiliar energy in the folios. Taking several of their opinions together, we can assume that this essence is not very different for Revealing Magic , and it's so personal that it may as well mean that the process of manufacturing involved a personal ritual or something with the same results.  


A complete auburn folio is usually 9x20 inches, but there are at least two of 24 inches long, but sellers may carry small pieces of them without affecting their special properties.   Their original color is light brown or reddish brown, but some are tinted in different colors.    

Expensive? I offer you the last piece of paper made from the hair of the first foreseer, and you want to haggle?
— A merchant, somewhere.


An auburn folio doesn't provide required answers, but it never lies. A text that goes against the truth or aims to confuse will not hold in its surface, while honest words are, as far as we know, impossible to remove. It would be the perfect tool for newspapers, love letters and history books, if there was enough of it.   In general, people are unable to use them to write about things they don't know about, and not even foreseers can write about the future in auburn folios. There are exceptions, for unknown reasons.   The auburn notebook kept in Ogha shows a warning in the cover: Don't use to write the future. It could remain. That's no joke, as the previous owner found out the hard way.  


Being such an uncommon item, it’s ironic that it can be found in all kinds of places. Only a few powerful organizations and resourceful traders are known to store one or two sheets, but a little boy can find a whole notebook of it while playing hide and seek, and the biggest amount found was around 30 pages, in a library on Earth.
Item type
Consumable, Magical

Origin information

Wold of origin
First Owner

Where to find it

In the few worlds where it can be bought it's quite expensive and hard to find.
Known Locations
  • Exthod (in several conditions)
  • Earth (partially used, slightly damaged)
  • Ogha (partially used, good condition)
  • Research facility in the Ninth World  (clear and in good conditions)
  • Kren (used)
  • Sthag (Rumored)
  • Fourteenth world of Grista (unknown conditions)


Currently, it's use is restricted by enlightened worlds and organizations. On rare occasions it can be used for investigation or scientific research.

Scientists and shady people have tried to use it to influence the reality or the future, that's considered a crime, even in unaware worlds.


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