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Research facility in the Ninth World

Purpose / Function

These installations provide a controlled environment to study potentially dangerous abilities, substances and living forms.   For convenience, there is also room for the scientists to live, train, study and reunite.


In the first years of being used by the Community, but still considered property of the Ninth World's Historians, some rooms where built or modified once in a while to serve an specific purpose.   In 124 Co, the head of the scientific body of the Community —the equivalent of the current Historians council— decided to design a plan of construction, based on the long term plans of different researchers, and the needs and resources of several Affiliates. Being the head of the Historians in the Ninth World of Grista, he made that decision without asking anyone's permission. Nobody disagreed, but they all thought he had been acting in the Community's behalf, and ever since the preparation of the planting fields during during the twelfth month of that year, the compound was considered a Community's laboratory.   In the next decades, the plan of construction was executed with only a few changes, and a second stage started in 149 Co, with the intention of preparing for every future need. It went pretty well, and ever since 171 Co, only a few rooms are built or modified once in a while, to serve an specific purpose: just like in the old times.


The materials used vary according to the purpose of each area, but the structure responds to the traditional style of the Ninth World of Grista.   The main building is a 52 stories tower, surrounded by several greenhouses, a zoo and The garden of oddities.   Each floor of the building is meant to be used for a different area of study, and the dorm rooms and libraries are distributed in different floors, in hopes to locate both information and specialist close to the most convenient area. Several researches are related to more than one field, though, and the physical distribution of those depends on whatever suits the Historians involved.   Several paths lead to the fields, forests, and small buildings with diverse properties and purposes. Some of those areas are build beyond the outer wall.   The administrative area, as well as the general library and museum, are located in the first floor of the tower, but rooms, entertaining and other areas meant for tourists are located in the south-west buildings.


The outer wall is built with White Wood's rock and imbued with magic from Ogha, designed to discourage attackers without causing much harm. The vigilance towers include high tech weapons from the Eleventh World—acquiring those was quite difficult— but they are so many restrictions on their use, that they had only been fired for practice.


Back in the first decades of the community, the scientific team of the Community was formed mostly by Historians from the Ninth World of Grista. Other academics, specialist in magic and biology from other worlds, would visit the Historians and have them record the knowledge they could provide.   The documentation turned into experimentation at some point in the fourth decade of the current era. Some academics started to move into the building known as the Historians' tower, because that was easier than constant travels.   Given the influence of the Ninth world on the evolution of the Community's investigation team and the main goal of documenting the traits of each world, the name of Historians stuck and it's used to refer every academic and scientific doing any kind of research in the community's behalf.   In contrast, the locals would reference the Historian's Tower as "the Community's Laboratory", especially after the construction plan that started in 124 Co. The researchers seemed to feel the same, and for all effects the building belonged to the Community, but it didn't become official until year 675 Co, when the building and surrounding territory were formally donated to the Community during the 49th Freedom and Peace Festival, a small celebration from the Ninth World.
Founding Date
312 bCo
Alternative Names
The Laboratory
Ninth World's Laboratory
Historians' Tower (original name)
Related Professions
Owning Organization

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