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Luminous Limited Lightning Letters

Luminous Limited is proud to offer the latest in modern communication conveniences. Tired of waiting for your letters and important missives to arrive by overland or oversea travel? Missing the days when you could hire a wizard to transmit your message in the blink of an eye since Wizards are next-to-useless since The Death of Magic? We offer an instantaneous transmission of all your important information from any of our conveniently located Hub locations to any other hub, or for a nominal fee to anywhere else on the island.   Harnessing the raw power of elemental lightning with our proprietary Lightning Lane™ technology, your information is securely and easily transmitted.  

The Process

  Our process is simple and easy:  
  • Prepare your documents as you would like them to be transmitted.
  • Bring the documents to any of our conveniently located Transmission hubs, like the one at our headquarters in Luminous City or any other city with a train station in The Ash Lands (Country).
  • Our technicians will engrave your documents onto specially treated metal plates, and these plates will be processed into the Lightning Lane device.
  • The power of lightning will transmit your data quickly and securely to the hub or mobile reception station of your choice.
  • Our technicians will provide direct delivery, or your intended recipient can head to the Hub of their choice.
  • The metal plates are consumed in the process, so no need to worry about the security of your documents!
  When you need your documents to get there now, Luminous Limited Lightning Letters are the way to get your point across. Fast.
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