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The Quinten Feather

The Quinten Feather is a golden feather pen, engraved with silver text reading the first line from the Promise of Peace. It was used by leaders of the five nations left in The Eternal War to sign the Promise of Peace. The first leaders were: Leon Derodi, ruler of Deri, Arabella Morader, ruler of Mordil, Delphine Brendor , ruler of Brend, the four Principals of the Academy, Ulrich the Flameweaver, Wenzel the Poisonous, Nicki the Wavebreaker and Mathes the Ironfist, and last the 3 Bishops Buonfiglio, Cosimuccio and Gualfredo.   The promise was signed once again by Arabella Morader when she was chosen to be the Peacebearer. Each time one of the three monarchies gets a new ruler, a new principal is chosen or a Bishop is inaugurated, the new leader must also sign the Promise of Peace using this pen. A ruler that inherits the title Peacebearer must sign it twice, once as the monarch and once as the Peacebearer.   It was created by an Oamenian jeweler 1 BP. If the Quinten feather ever is damaged or lost it has according to the promise of peace be restored, or made anew, to look as it did originally and the process must be by an Oamenian. Alternatively the restoration, or creation, ca be made by another ethnicity, if no Oamenian jeweler able to make the pen can be found.   A pen used to sign the Promise of Peace. Since then used by all new leaders to sign the continued peace and the Peacebearer when taking the new role.

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