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Ocular Transmission Lenses - OTCs

Invented by Nusad Rahlu nearly a decade ago, these lenses allow the wearer to create scripture with their mere thought, or at least it seems that way. These spectacles are in fact enchanted with conjuration magic, allowing them to summon words to a piece of parchment faster than the swiftest scholar or archivist. They track the eye movements of the wearer, meaning they can write hands free and stealthily, if ever there was a need for such a talent. They can scribe most languages known to the residents of Iaxovar, after they were compiled by Nusad during his research and prior versions of the OTC project. These spectacles are a rare occurrence amongst the trade hubs scattered throughout the realm. They are thing, wire framed, crystalline lenses, wreathed in a bronze setting. There are thin runes etched around the rim of each lens, forming a complete rune circle. This is the method used to track the users eye movements as the enchantment is constantly in effect. To date the is only a total of 60 pairs in existence. Stories tell of an archivist who was locked into an impossible bet with a rival colleague of his chapter, within the Grand Imperial Archives. He was wagered an entire cycle of servitude to the victor of this bet, if he could copy the entirety of the Grand Imperial Atlamarian Archive. The catch... it must be completed with a single lunar cycle of Jeha. This insurmountable task included 100,000s of codex, parchments, scrolls and volumes, each with its own unique challenges, from dead languages to curses places by the initial keeps or scribes of the tomes. He requisitioned a pair of these ocular transmission lenses, hearing of their properties and fulfilled his goal in half the allotted time, baffling experts for years to follow.


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