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Quill of Carving

The Quill of Carving is specialised writing and drawing tool enchanted and manufactured by the Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal, mostly used in the marking of materials, samples, research areas or to carve runes and magical diagrams on items one usually wouldn't write on. This is because this quill, as the name suggests, doesn't exactly use ink, paint, coal or any typical writing medium. It literally carves an indentation to mediums like leather, wood, bone, glass, softer metals like gold and minerals that are not too hard or not too fragile for carving.

Quill recognizes the density and the hardness of the carving material, to avoid accidentally ruined clothes or papers, and any possible injuries which might come from such a tool hitting living flesh. As a carving tool, the Quill of Carving is much more gentle and able to do a lot smaller and cleaner indents as a chisel, however, it isn't made for artistry and as such not a tool for incredible masterpieces. As a marking tool, though, it is irreplaceable for those who attempt to make quick and clear markings on surfaces other than traditional paper.

Quill of Carving cannot mark lead, due to lead's magic warding properties.

Manufacturing process

Supply of the Quills of Carving is limited, as they are specially made to the Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal, and custom made. The nib of the Quill must be made from magically charged crystal, attached to a feather from a bird that carves wood, usually one of a woodpecker. The enchanting process usually takes about a week.

Item type
Subtype / Model
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Raw materials & Components
Feather of a Woodpecker or another wood-carving bird, and writing nib made out of crystal, like Glimstone, Firestone or Vontiaty


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