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Talk-To Quill

"And lastly, I would like to thank all of my friends who fought well and hard for us. It's because of you that we are still here and can remember you." Silas took a deep breath to slow his mind. "Quill, sleep."
The feather pen that had been writing Silas' words slowly drifted down beside the parchment. He picked up the paper and read through the speech. All was as he had spoken. The quill had done its job well.

  The Talk-To quill is a very handy writing tool. A feather plucked from the galicar parrot can be enhanced to listen to and write down what you tell it, similarly to the parrot itself and its way of repeating things said to it. The quill is uncommon due to the birds' rarity. It is protected, partly to be able to keep using the feathers. No one can kill the bird without permission. To get the quill to work correctly the bird must be alive as the feather is plucked.
  It takes time to learn the technique for making the pen. The tip needs to be whittled in a precise way and the oil has to be freshly made before applying it to the feather. The technique is taught to artisan magicians who work with similar enchantments.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The feather in the quill comes from the galicar, the magical parrot.

Manufacturing process

The feather is carefully plucked from the bird, not ruining any of the barbs or the shaft. It's anointed with a magical oil to enhance and power its' ability to listen. Then the shaft is carved to a sharp tip.


A symbol of status due to its' rarity.
Item type
Usually around 20 cm
Raw materials & Components
A galicar feather
A magician's whittling tool and special magical oil

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