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Record Cube Encoder

With the advent of Record Cubes, Record Cube Encoders of Decoders depending on your view of it's primary use, are the way that Angels implant and receive data from Record Cubes. The compact nature of these have made them more popular than simply etching whatever language you use into a stone tablet, as the Encoders implant meaning, not words or pictures. The transfer of meaning has also been done by Encoders, with Mass Encoders pushing the boundaries of this.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A Record Cube Encoder is a small piece of stone with a small Iron core with a thin rod stretching out to appear on on side, used to engrave information into Record Cube. Angels use their magic to generate sparks that move through the Iron and transfer energy into the cube. This process can be done again but opposite to receive information from a record cube. Certain Encoders have two rods stretching out from the center, opposite of each other, so that is can transfer information between Cubes.

Manufacturing process

A simple device, the components consist of little more than a bit of Iron and some stone, more complex ones reguire large amounts of Iron, mass encoders are rare, and require large amounts of Iron. The use of Seals within encoders is a novelty, but is becoming more and more popular, the purpose of these is to create a signature for whoever is encoding the information, therefore no one can simply get a record cube and claim whatever is on it it theirs's, as the seal of the original encoder is still there.   Mass Encoders: Large Encoders that transfer information between hundreds of Record Cubes, these are more of a novelty project than a object of actual use. Their purpose is for organization when they're used for utility, however it is much more efficient to have an Angel do that task.
Item type
Power Storage / Generator
Owning Organization
1 ounce
1 cubic inch
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Iron, Stone

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