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Compass Quills

This pair of matched feathers will always point toward each other, no matter how far apart they are.   If the other feather is on another plane then the quill will change colour to try and indicate where the other one is. All effects are illusions and cannot hurt you but can induce panic.   Examples:    Deep Ethereal - Appears translucent The Feywild - Green with some little fireflies around it. The Shadowfell - Black opaque  Elemental Plane of Air - Just the barbs become translucent  Elemental Plane of Water - Blue and feather will become wet Elemental Plane of Earth - Feather turns to stone Elemental Plane of Fire - The feather will appear to be on fire Positive Energy Plane - Too bright to look at Negative Energy Plane - Pitch black with red veins Astral Plane - Purple, pink and blue colours with glitter The Abyss - Black and sticky like tar and spells of blood Mount Celestia - Beautiful gold The Nine Hells - Black and feel very hot

Mechanics & Inner Workings

They always come in pairs as they do not work alone and are linked. They are fused with magic and magnets that mean they will always point to the direction of one another, but they will not physically move towards one another.   If one quill is destroyed then the other is also destroyed in the same fashion.

Manufacturing process

The practitioner enchanting these feathers needs to know the spell "Find the path" and infuse the quill of the feather with steel powder.


This item was found in the magically trapped desk of Edlin Wellmore by Lyra and Lila after Edlin had failed to capture parts of the group for her own nefarious plans. The guild allowed the Forged access to her possessions in an attempt to apologise for the behaviour of one of their Masters and hope the group wouldn't associate her behaviour with the rest of the guild.
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Raw materials & Components
The quills are two feathers from a Couatl. One from the right and one from the left wing of the same creature.


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