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Mage Guild of Brechlen

The guild house is a library/university. They fund their guild with charging the public for library use. The guild has a few areas. Evoker, Transmutation, Conjuration, Abjuration and Drudic (some of the druids from Longrove merged with the guild early on to try and strength the guild against the lord at the time who was not a believer in having mages he could control. Thankfully he’s been dead for over 500 years now so he’s not a problem anymore but the druids stayed and aren’t really seen much as they kind of keep to themselves).   The building itself is a mix of different architecture. Whenever it has gotten bigger they have simply built on rather then recreate. The library is the biggest part of the building, while the Druid's area in the basement is the oldest.   Each Master has an assistant who is either the most experienced or talented in their field after the Master. Edlin was Shyr’s assistant and while he is gone she has stepped into his role. The five Masters act as a ruling council over the Mage Guild, deciding things of importance together as a group. Standard roles across the Master positions:  
  • Budget reports
  • Grant requests
  • Project reports for the city
  • Hiring and managing of teaching/education of their department
  • Managing enchantment requests
  • Supply Management
  There are four receptionists who are working for the Masters are Bec, Stella, Karen, Sharon. They do not work for a specific Master. Each department has students working in the library and assisting with admin work as a part of their chores for the mage guild depending on where they are in their education. Each department has at least five students at anyone time at different levels of learning. Steve has the most with twelve, but they are very tightknit group.   Specific Master Roles:  
  • Wellmore – Council representative to the Guild Association and Town Council
  • Eelwind – Protection and establishing safe learning environment for students and teachers (as well as being safe from some of their more unstable students)
  • Dale – Historical documentary and record keeper
  • Sparrow – Event Planner and Manager
  • Burke – Communication with other city university/mage guilds.

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