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Goblin Printing Press

In the early years of the Empire, after survival had been sorted and the Fomorians were looking now for entertainment, ingenious goblin engineers invented the printing press. In particular, a clever Bela'Wani named Hanz "Guts" Nberg, brought his invention to show the High Chief. Elatha was impsessed at the speed by with pages could be printed (about 4 pages a minute) and the accuracy of the runes it printed. The aging goblin then showed him his first printed project, an omnibus edition of the first three works of Elatha (he was still writing The Upraised Hand), and displayed the ease in creating new blocks.

The second thing it ever printed was, predictably, a tracing of Lutor Ironlaw's penis and then an artist's rendition of Lutor's mistress. So, as one can see, thus was the Goblin Pornography industry born at the same time.

Now, several hundred years, and countless innovations later, the Ricmoe (a Bar'Tor Inventor) Steam-Powered Rotary Printing Press is threatening to revolutionise mass printing once again with it's 8-10,000 pages per hour,


The invention of the printing press brought wide spread literacy among a warrior culture who's principal hero wrote down all of his philosophies. This made it possible for warriors everywhere to study the teachings of Elatha and civilisation to spread among the Empire.
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Item type
Owning Organization
In the beginning of the Empire when the press was first invented, it was rare to see them anywhere but the Imperial Palace, but now, every moderately large town can boast a newspaper with printing press.
variable between 120 kg to 1500 kg
varies between less than a cubic meter to 16-20 cubic meters
Base Price
Smallest and simplest 500 gp up to the best and biggest 10,000 gp
Raw materials & Components
The printing press uses various alloys and elements to construct it from Steel in the framework to mithril in the print blocks and alloys of liquid metals mixed with oil for ink.
This item requires a precision engraver to carve the print blocks and a master engineeer to machine all the parts. The ink requires an alchemist as does the paper or vellum uses to print on.


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