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Audio Transcript - Tablet Ox221324.503


"I can believe you still don't know how to work this thing."
"It's more complicated then you think."
"No, it's not. Have you read the instruction manual?"
"Of course, but I still don't understand... I can turn it on. I can get to the home page and make the main menus appear, but all the other stuff....."
"Fine... give me. Look, see this here ... from the main menu, this PictoCon, it activates the typing Deamon."
"Right, but when I use it, I just can't ... type. I'm too slow."
"By, the Mother's Tits, you don't have to type, you can just record, or even write with the Wand. Look like this .. push here... This PictoCon turns on and off the recording Deamon. ... "
"Wait ... why is it called a Deamon?"
"Are you serious? Who cares? Some old person long ago. ... It probably stands for something stupid like: Deminutive Executive Assistive Mnemoic Organic Network."
"Oh forget that, I just made it up."
"Why would you do that?"
"To emphasis the point that it doesn't matter why these things are called Deamons. You might as well ask why the Devouring Mother is called the Devouring Mother!"
"Well, that's her name."
"Exactly. Now, this PictoCon, this activates the writing Deamon. You can just use the Wand there and write... on the tablet. Like a piece of paper."
"Okay, so... that for recording, that for writing and that for typing."
"Yes.... maybe you should copy out the PictoCons on to the back of your hand so you don't forget?"
"Ha Ha"
"Okay, so for next week you need to know ..."
"Wait. When I'm done, and I turn off the Tablet .... how do I get back to what I was working on?"
"Every time I turn of the Tablet, it makes my work disappear."
"You don't set a data location? .... in the WebWork?"
"No. Should I?"
"Outcasts! You are a moron! Have been asleep this last week? You've had 3 lecture hours, work assignments and projects on just how to use these things? ... And, it's all been really basic stuff. Have you done any of it?"
"Well, I'm teaming up with FirstClassman Utilis Bren."
"You mean you're letting her do the work. How did you manage that bit of a miracle?"

Transcription continues.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Tablets are a crystal based computer. They have no moving parts and are accessed through a complicated capacitive touch process which is keyed to the Paragon user. The Tablet can process images, text, or other assistive PictoCons within its surface or if more space it needed it can project these tools on to a external surface. Tablets may also record full high quality images, audio or video depending on the Paragon's needs and training.
Lower ranked Paragons are not trained in those functions which have a high possibility of causeing disruption to civil peace or order.

Manufacturing process



Tablets are the main administrative tool for Paragons. They allow the Paragons to access the WebWorks allowing instant access to the Webworks based on rank. Further, they allow Paragons to record notes, photographs, and investigate. Tablets are just one example of Ancient Technology that Paragons have common access to, which is considered by all Civilized citizens to be their sole domain.

No citizen of the Realm will willing touch or interact with Ancient Technology.
Each Paragon of the Realm has a Tablet.
Base Price
Can not be sold
Raw materials & Components
Multi-layered quartz nano plates sandwiching layers of liquid crystal encased in a ceramic tetrahedra carbon allotrope.

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