Web Pens


Web pens are created by found artifacts. Most known magical artifacts are made from petrified wood, stones, metals, and composites. These artifacts are carefully broken down into six to twelve-inch wands. As such, web pens vary significantly in appearance.   All web pens formed from a single artifact are considered "siblings." Web pens carry the ability to influence patterns produced by their siblings. Usually they are not able to influence other patterns, even if the creation artifacts were found in the same location.

Uses of Web Pens

Web pens are used to create discrete messages for other acquisitionists who travel through the area. To the untrained eye, the web pen produces a pattern akin to a spider web. Acquisitionists are trained to read the webs. The two most well-known acquisition organizations are the Den of Papyrus and the Weaver's Guild. Both organizations wear the same attire and carry a web pen.
The messages appear to be fresh spider webs. They cannot be purposely destroyed or altered without a sibling web pen.
Note: if a web pen is used in their home region, any patterns produced may become malformed naturally.

The Webs

These enchanted webs are inhospitable to most spiders. There are two known species of spiders that can interact with these patterns. Any of these two species may live on the web but only compatible spiders may change the pattern. Due to the repellent nature of the webs, neither prey nor predator trespass within a foot of the web. Therefore, these spiders are hunters who live in the open.


To avoid intercepted or altered messages between acquisitionists, Faela Thistleberry from the Weaver’s Guild began her dangerous tinkering. After a few failed attempts and a number of explosions, Faela managed to create the first prototype of modern web pens. These prototypes placed a pre-programed script on the first object it hit in a random direction (occasionally on the user) and had a chance of combusting. The sporadic nature of this device was not nearly dependable enough. Faela was not discouraged and considered these attempts as information to influence her next model.   Over the course of 5 years, Faela Thistleberry was able to create a stable web pen with unlimited uses and a number of interesting features.
Still Weaving by Self
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