Master Quill

Once used solely by master mages at Araniae's Magetarium, enchanted pens known as "master's quills" have become popular with anyone seeking to share their written or drawn work with a crowd.  

Use & Function

Though master quills can vary slightly in specific details, they all share the same core function. Bound with Energy Magic, the quill projects anything written with it into the air or on a large surface in enlarged lines of raw magic. The enlarged text or image differs in appearance depending on the enchantment on the quill being used, but will still reflect exactly what is being written by the quill while the enchantment is active. The enchantment is typically activated by a command word, and can be used by non-mages. Other mages can activate them by channeling power into the quill itself if desired.   Though originally used by mages, master's quills have also come into use by generic teachers, performers, artists, and government officials throughout Etherea and Kaer Thalion. Some musicians have even gone so far as to integrate them into their instruments so as to project the notes as they play.  


The first master's quill was created by Archmage Rana Sevan in 3E 571 as a more efficient teaching method when giving lessons to large classes. Magical formulae are incredibly complex, and it was integral for young mages to record them correctly to avoid what could be catastrophic mistakes. After being blamed for a particularly damaging error by one of her students, Master Sevan enchanted her favorite quill to display her writing in the air as she taught, so that none of her students could claim they were given the wrong formula. Other masters quickly took up the practice, and the number of errors caused by mistaken notations dramatically decreased. These enchanted quills soon became known as "master's quills".   Over time, lesser mages and other teachers began requesting their own enchanted quills. They grew in popularity so quickly that master mages began complaining about the bombardment of requests. Eventually, Etherea established the Guild of Magic, where common folk could request magical crafts and services from mages who choose to offer that sort of work, rather than allow them to harass teachers at the Magetarium. The Guild of Magic has since developed a booming business crafting and selling master quills and other similar items. Master quills themselves began traveling beyond kingdom borders, and Thali mages now craft them as well.
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