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The capital of Etherea, Araniae is located on an island in the middle of Lake Tianylla, at the center of the Evrani Plain. It is connected to the plain by a large, magically-reinforced bridge. Docks on the city's southeastern edge provide passage across the northern portion of the Lake.


As one of the wealthiest and most diverse cities in the world, Araniae boasts people from all walks of life. Like most kingdoms, it has its upper, middle, and lower classes, though the gaps between them are narrow and sometimes blurred. A commoner who's made a name for themself through achievement or profession can easily gain the wealth of nobility, if not influence as well. Most of the upper and lower classes live in the Market, Divine, and Ethereal Districts, while the upper class resides in the Radiant and XX Districts. The poorest of teh city's citizens live in the Outer Ring, the area just south of the city between the wall and the islands southern edge.


As the capital of Etherea, Araniae is an exemplar of the ideals pf the royal family. It's citizens enjoy all of the benefits of Etherea's more complex governing system, and little problems arise that aren't swiftly handled. The Shields of Justice enforce the kingdom's laws, and citizens can seek the service of the justicars for legal issues.


[General Maintenance

Etherea's royalty takes great care to make sure the city's infrastructure is kept up-to-date. Streets are regularly cleaned and any structures found to be damaged or hazardous are quickly repaired. Shops and stalls are expected to keep their displays tidy and clean. Service mages are ready to address any problems that arise with city structures.


Gardens scattered throughout Araniae offer peaceful places to rest. There are also numerous fountains that provide fresh water and places to gather. Each District has a healing house to provide service to the wounded or ill, and there are several privately-run healing shops as well.


The city boasts an extensive plumbing system that draws water from the upper lake to pump through the city. Water is kept clean and running by spells cast on the pipes, and waste water is sanitized before being released into the lower lake. Wells and water pumps are serviced regularly by maintenance mages, and private citizens can pay a fee to have water pumped directly into their homes if desired.

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