"You want company? You can get that any place in the lower district. Probably lose your purse, too. You want a good meal and drink and no trouble? Go to Blaine's."
— advice from a traveler
  Located off the main street of Araniae's Market District, Blaine's tavern is a popular stop for workers, travelers, off-duty soldiers, and Shields. Though it has an official name, everyone simply calls it by the name of its owner. It has a reputation for being a clean, safe, and respectable establishment offering a variety of foods, drinks, and games. In particular, it is one of the few locations outside of the Enchanted Wood where elven games and delicacies can be enjoyed. Musicians often play there as well, providing music to liven the atmosphere.  
The Owner
Blaine Varen is a cheerful, open-minded man who welcomes everyone into his tavern. He never shies away from trying new things, and if he likes it you can bet it'll end up on the menu. He takes pride in maintaining a friendly environment, and won't hesitate to call the Shields on anyone who harasses or mistreats other patrons. As long as you're friendly and respectful, he doesn't care how long you stay at his establishment.  
History and Establishment
The building housing Blaine's tavern was one of many rebuilt after the Dragon War. It's purpose changed several times over the years. When its previous owner died, Blaine Varen purchased it to turn it into a tavern. Renovations when quickly, but he struggled over what to name his new business. When he opened his doors for service, he still hadn't settled on a name, and without a sign, people didn't know what to call it. As a result, gaining new patrons through word of mouth was slow going, and Blaine feared his venture would end in failure.   As luck would have it, it was a foreigner who saved the tavern. A visiting Thali merchant stopped in for a meal after several other taverns turned him away. Blaine struck up a conversation with him, confessing his fears, and the merchant offered to sell him some fine Thali ale and cider to "spice up his menu". Though reluctant, Blaine accepted, and within a matter of days, his tavern was bursting with customers who'd heard of the exotic drinks he offered. Elated, Blaine contacted the merchant and arranged for regular deliveries, also ordering Thali fruits and spices to give his food some flair.   His final success came when he befriended one of the city's justicars, who then proceeded to refer the place to everyone he knew. This led to attention from the royal family, who had recently managed to secure a trade deal with the elves for some of their wines and food ingredients. Impressed by Blaine's hospitality and openness toward all manner of people, they offered him the opportunity to purchase and serve elven specialties. Since then, Blaine's has been one of the places to visit. In the end, it didn't matter at all that it had no formal name. Everyone in the city and surrounding area knows what you're talking about if you mention Blaine's.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Common Foods
  • roast
  • stew
  • spiced bread
  • pastries
Common Drinks
  • wine
  • ale
  • cider
  • tea
  • coffee
Exotic Food and Drinks
  • Baalian Wine
  • Diinian Wine 
  • Darkwood Cider 
  • kiafa

Cover image: by FelixMittermeier on Pixabay


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