The Ethereal Spire

In the center of the palace of Araniae, a huge tower rises over the city. At its peak hovers an immense crystal filled to the brim with magical energy and humming with power. Three concentric mithril rings rotate the gem to help channel the energy down into the tower and the city. The crystal's light can be seen for leagues around the city, and its constant glow is a site the citizens of Araniae have long been accustomed to.


Created by Sorchia Ímlerin, the Etherealactrium is the primary source of Etherea's power. It draws magical energy from the land itself, which is then directed into the city through the Spire, which stands below it. Hundreds of smaller crystals in the tower house enchantments that help control and direct the artifact's power. This power is primarily used for running and maintaining city infrastructure and services, and private citizens can purchase power from the kingdom for personal use if they wish. The artifact is monitored by specialized conjurers called Etherealists, who communicate any issues immediately to Etherea's High Sorceress.


The Ethereal Spire was built during the reconstruction of Araniae after the infamous Dragon War. As part of the palace, it is constructed entirely of white granite and infused with enchantments to ensure stability. The Spire is thirty floors tall and mostly plain. Small windows dot the upper floors. At the top, four large prongs extend upward to anchor the Etherealactrium. The lower half of the tower acts as the entryway for the palace. The walls of this chamber are split into sections dedicated to the thirteen gods of the Ímlæn Circle. A hollow pillar of thick, frosted glass extends from the floor and up through the tower to a collection ring just below the artifact. Called the conduit, this pillar carries the artifact's power down through the tower, where it splits off and is distributed through the city. Citizens who visit the palace are discouraged from passing too closely to the conduit, as the levels of power contained within it can be agitated by those with unique powers.
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The Ethereal Spire
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