The Ethereal Bridge

“How on Dálnaes does this bridge stay standing?”   “Thick pylons go all the way down to the lakebed, and they’re reinforced with steel and magic. The lake inhabitants let us know if there’s any damage under the surface.”
— an exchange with a visitor to Araniae
  Despite its name, the Ethereal Bridge is very real, and spans the southern side of Lake Tianylla in Etherea to connect Araniae to the rest of the kingdom. Constructed of white granite and reinforced by steel and dozens of enchantments, it's the main point of access to the capital. It's wide enough for twenty horses to walk abreast and allows hundreds to go about their business every day.   The bridge has seen few changes over the years. Even during the Dragon War, it withstood the test of time and battle. The most recent changes have included the towers at either end, and the huge dragon statues framing the entrance to the city's Outer Ring.
Alternative Names
The Great Bridge, The Capital Bridge
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
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