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Pen of Many Languages

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This item is similar to a ballpoint pen, but near the top of the device there is a small piece that spins to select a language. When the pen is used to write, it will automatically write in a grammatically and linguistically correct form of that language. Most pens contain five languages, typically including common tongue as well as the native languages of wherever it came from. It is a magical item, and must be enchanted by a powerful enchanter, and the enchanter must know the languages that it is inputting. It is an enchantment similar to that created by comprehend languages. It contains a structure that contains ink, and typically a single pen contains enough ink to write around 10 pages, and a replacement ink cartridge costs between 5sp and 1gp.
Item type
This item is relatively rare, only sold in magic shops and decently hard to come by, though with some determination they can usually be accessed by most people. They are sometimes sold for extremely large sums depending on their power level.
40 grams
6 inches long, 1/2 inch diameter
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The physical components of this pen differ by locations, but some common and favorable materials used in construction include various woods, carved marble, feather bases, and many are sculpted from clay. This varies by region. For example, pens made in Eshaque would be more likely to be carved from stone or made from certain types of metals, while those made in Dreanesia would be sculpted from clay, and those from Ocharial could even be made from carved deeproots.
It must be made by a powerful enchanter, and must have detailed runes carved into it. Therefore, depending on whatever type of material is used to sculpt the pen itself tools are needed that are capable of making tiny details. Typically very small tools are always necessary for construction, as it is a small device as a whole and needs small pieces to be handmade.


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