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Aetherial Ink

" At first i thought this was the most pointless thing to do with such a rare mineral, then i released 'Wait, this has massive military and encryption applications." - Paladin Vin'ku

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The aether in the ink is normally "just a fancy color of ink", only when a trained Psion imbeds the Aether with a form of telepathy, when something is written down the thoughts of the writer (that they want others to know) are 'stored' in the ink and allows another psion to 'read' these thoughts.   Aether ink isnt just limited to being imbed with telepathy however, it can be imbed with more lethal spells like aetherbolt, and the spell will enter effect when another psion 'reads' the imbued text.

Manufacturing process

Liquid Aether is mixed into ink in a 1:0.5 ratio, then slime from a scabith species is poured into the mixture until it is about the consistency of normal ink.


Aether ink is a very valuable military and cultural resource. It can be used to pass messages that only other psions would be able to read making it a near perfect encryption system. In the Keaper theocracy writers would use it to clarify concepts that might be hard for others to understand, or to pass messages that only other psions can read.   In recent years however the Psion Guild found out that you can imbued aether ink with other spells, allowing someone to imbed a 'lethal' aether spell like aetherbolt into the ink and that spell will be applied when a psion 'reads' it. This can lead to someone randomly getting hit with an aetherbolt from 'reading' a book without knowing it would happen. This has lead to media that uses aether ink to be heavily regulated.
Item type
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Related Condition
Very common in the known galaxy, especially in the theocracy and city's with the Psion guild where psionics is more widespread
Base Price
700 GC ~ 1LT
Raw materials & Components
Liquid Aether, Ulligon/Wyrm/Keaper slime, Ink.
A source of liquid aether or a method to produce liquid aether. A device to mix substances together. Acsess to Wyrm/Keaper/Uligon slime.

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