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Keeper Theocracy

We have followed everything he has ever said and we are thriving, look at the sect, heretics of the Truely Pure, now screaming in agony as they are consumed by the demons they call gods

Holy Keaper Republic survivors of the first galactic war.With the help of bebiki industries and the generous tech provided by the AoHC they have rebuilt there nation in a surprisingly short tim.However such rapid expanse wasn't without its problems as there rush to rebuilt let the sect grow in power and claim a huge portion of there once controlled territory. Now the two sides are in a brawl to dominate one ather.

Bishop Council

a council of 500 religious leaders elected into position by the population every 2 years (every planet the Theocracy controls votes for 50 of them), and the council Cardinal, a astirodi cardinal unanimously voted into the position by all the cardinals who serves for life. all the bishops and the cardinal (whose vote is worth 2) vote on a law, majority wins.


The ones who interpret the astirodi religious texts are the cardinals, 10 religious leaders elected by the population, and whome serve for life. Every 2 years the bishop council elects one of them to serve the cardinals as the head bishop (whose vote is worth 2).


Bishop: members of the Bishop council, a group responsible for making laws in the Theocracy.   Cardinal: members responsible for interpreting the law.   Oracle:Face of the entire nation, commands the military, divides funding, and sets taxes.


the Theocracy holds there homework Scabith, there first colony

Divine Origins

When the keapers were in the Middleville period, before psionics were discovered. A strange keaper, with a glowing shell of white and purple emerged from a mountain where several kingdoms war warring, no side could get an advantage over the others. There near the mountains entrance the glowing keaper, the One Truely Pure, unleashed waves of psionic power , that are still unmatched by the best psions of the modern day, and completely atomized the warring armies and conquering the sacred planes.After that a groups of keapers, stuned by what happened wandered to the mountains he emerged from, together they used psionics to defeat the kingdoms of the world and unified the planet.After that he vanished, never seen again and leaving a strange crystal statue where he once was. The experience lead to several keaper's to then worship the One Truely Pure and the Aether. now though it is know that he was just a keaper who spent all there life studying the Aether, but he is still regarded in a sort of psudodivinity and is a sign of unity to the keapers.

Tenets of Faith

Keapers united under the astirodi shall never kill another. members shall never use the powers granted by the Aether for evil. Never shall another follower treat one another in poor faith. Don't, no matter what ever you do, worship beings from the Aether as God's. Always help others in need, even to your own expense. Never, interact with a being known as Galax.

Through mental purity we ascend.

Founding Date
22050 C.Y
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Theocracy,astirodi church, Aether scolars,Holy keaper republic
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Dependent territory
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The bishop council.
Judicial Body
Executive Body
The head bishop, cardinal, and the Theocracies oracle
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Items
Related Ethnicities

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