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Krekeke kreka

A strange world dead center of the keaper home system of Sina,constantly covered in purple fog and psionic storms, no scanner can scan through the fog and any ship that enters never returns. Though to be the home of Galaxoids


located in the very center of the sina system, inbetween the Pulsar and black hole, a planet covered in a Aetherial fog that blocks all ground scans, there is no water, no iron, no element on the periodic table is on the planet, its ground is made up af aether crystels and xilium.

Localized Phenomena

Aetherial fog that covers the entire planet, it blocks all form of scans and any device sent into the fog imediantly losses contact and is never seen again. Psionic Storms rage across the surface and dissintigrate matter that gets to close to the planet. Ocasionaly Galaxoids and psionic ships emerge from the planet.

Fauna & Flora

The planet is inhabited by Galaxoids that occasionally rise psionic ships from the planet and spread fear and chaos across the universe. Other than that there seems to be no sign of life on the planet.

Natural Resources

Aether and Xilium that hasnt ever been exploited


Shortly after the Keapers acheved spaceflight they discovered a strange planet dead center of there home system, despite several attempts the planets surface isn't known, though some space debris that might have originated from the planet suggests that it is made up of xilium and aether. The constant loss of communication from ships and the presence of aether has lead to the keaper religion to call it 'Krekeke kreka' or 'Land of Demons'. Recently Galaxoids and Psionic ships have been emerging from the planet only further concreating the name in the entire galaxy
Alternative Name(s)
Cosmic Mistake, Planet of no return, Land Of Demons
Location under
Owning Organization

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