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A Mercenary and RnD corporation with massive influence on the orion arm, owned by the mysterious Sanad Jiska. Blacklight has been around since the first war.


The Blacklight industries is struckered like a corporation, the highest rank is the CEO, Beneth them are the Station Owners, then Executives and the station's Head of RnD, Followed by Managers, Drill Sargents and Chief Mecinaries.

Public Agenda

Blacklight Industries is dedicated to providing the best millitary equipment and mercenaries to the top buyers


The Blacklight Legion, Void Dominater Fleet, the Gunship, Darksky, Leviathan Prime, Space Shadow. huge amount of wealth, Aether, and Weapon tech.


Blacklight Industries was formed during the first galactic war, where weapons and troops were needed most. They had secret pacts with the Quazin Imperium, Allied Assembly, and the PHE to send millitaryt supplies and trained men to help out there war efforts. When the Allied Assembly got there hands on a Hercebrus Wardrone a member of Blacklight was disguies as one of there remaining troops and started to dismantle the Droid to learn its tech, giving Blacklight the most advanced warships of the modern galaxy.


Blackligh owns 4 massive and heavily defend space stations scattered throughout the Orion arm, they also own a few clusters near the miyth nests from a war between them and a now gone pirate band after they bought a gunship and forgot to pay a rent cycle.

Foreign Relations

Blacklight sees other nations as people with there money, they will provide there military services to those willing to pay. However, those that use there services and don't pay there debts, blacklight will raid and destroy them until they fully pay of there debts to them.
Founding Date
22020 CY
Corporation, Security
Alternative Names
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
blacklight exports military vessel, legion mercenaries, highly advanced weapons and power armor. they also exports a lot of energy to other nations.
Major Imports
Blacklight imports titansteel from bebiki industries and xilium from the galiox sect. they are bebiki industries top buyers as they lack any kind of mining and refining technology.

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