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Mod's Chalk

When writing with this magical chalk, the user writes a question about an imminent course of action. They then close their eyes and loosely hold the chalk as it writes out an omen about that course of action.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The chalk is powered by the divine grace of Ybthara, the god of knowledge.

Manufacturing process

The chalk is placed on a holding device and carved with dragon bone tools, while the cleric of Ybthara chants specific holy words.


This chalk is often purchased and used by adventures delving into the many dungeons that can be found across Othú. Used to determine the outcome of delves, these pieces of chalk have become something of a good omen in and of themselves. Divining the outcome of a delve is a part of the ritual of going on an adventure with much lore and myth surrounding the practice.   One of the more widespread tales involving Mod's chalk is that of Beic, Dasua, and Thiamhiacai a group of heroes of legend who used the chalk on every delve. They are famous for having killed Screistú, the Lich King of Thír. They used the chalk to ask if attacking the Lich King with the legendary weapon Sciad would be enough to defeat him and were given a disasterous outcome. They switched their plans - a wise tactic considering Screistú had created Sciad and attacking him with the weapon would have only made him stronger.
Item type
These pieces of chalk were originally enchanted by the legendary divinator Mod, who was granted powerful divining skills by Ybthara, the god of knowledge. Now they are most commonly found in the Library Temples of Ybthara, where, for a price, anyone can have their immediate future on hand.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Mod's Chalk is made by carving runes into a large piece of chalk and imbuing it with a cleric of Ybthara's power.
A specific type of carving instrument made from dragon bone.

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