Delfian Unamic Scalpel

Receiving a Marth Tattoo on ones forehead is a coming of age ritual of any Delfian kid. The most devoted Delfians received their marth tattoo as a Baraminic Spirit Scar. The Unamic Scalpel is the scared knife that is used in the tattooing process.   The scalpels have a 10cm solid Gold handle with intricate marth patterns etched into the handle. The blades are made from high quality Spirit Steel each with a unique marbled pattern on it. Each Marth considers their set of scalpels a priceless heirloom.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A set of scalpels come in several different blade shapes allowing the tattooist to make different style cuts. Some of the scalpels have small ball on their tip. At the end of the tattooing process, these ball scalpels are dipped in ink and used to add ink to the scarification process.


The scalpels have immense spiritual and cultural significance. Most Delfians take great pride in the Marth they belong too and the they display it with a Marth tatto on their forehead. Having the scalpels be associated with the Marth for generations makes the Delfians believe that the scalpels themselves embody their Barsaminic protector spirts.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Related ethnicities
Each Marth in each village has their own set of scalpels. They are keep in pristine shape and each set has there own long history. The tools might have given multiple generations their own tattoos. Thus each set is a priceless village heirloom.
Raw materials & Components
The handle are made from solid gold with intricate patterns carved into the handle. The handle has a hollow core where the tang of the blade can be inserted in. This allows the blades to be replaced while the handle can remain part of the set of scalpels.

Cover image: Unamic Scalpels by Thomas Fisher (CC BY 2.0)


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