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Serlion's Auto Writer

Serlion's Auto Writers are a marvel of magical production. The Auto Writer is a two-inch by two-inch block with a palm grip carved into it. Serlion has made the block semi-sentient and has instructed it to Read the mind of its holder and copy all thoughts to paper as the holder moves it over top of the writing surface.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The inner working of the Auto Writer is relatively unknown. What is know is that in the ink well is a clear quarts like gem that is used to agitate the ink to allow it to last a long time in the well.

Manufacturing process

The original manufacturing process is unknown. however, attempts to make working replicas have a similar process to production. The chosen rock is carved into a block and them and the top outer edges are carved in a comfortable grip for the user. after that, the inner well is carved out using both chisels and grinding agents. If a person is able and has the knowledge they can use shape stone to make the vessel/well as well then a chunk of magically imbued quarts stone is placed in. In a functional Autowritter produced by Serlion if the quarts are taken out of the well the Auto Writer no longer works. The Spell used to make the writers work is still being solved for mass production


Incredibly fast written Copies produced for archival purposes mainly
Item type
Unique Artifact
Astronomically rare only 100 known to exist
1 lbs
2" x 2"
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
the materials of the Auto writer are: Porous rock such as sandstone, pumice, or limestone. A quarts stone agitator imbued with some type of magic. Chosen ink
basic stone smiting tools are all that is need to reproduce the astatic and outer shell of a auto writer or magical spell

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