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Project Rosetta

Project Rosetta, also known as "The Babylonian Transcriber", was a device in operation around a lost star. It's purpose was simple; With an archive of The entirety of the Library of Babel, it's job was to detect original works of art or fiction within the infinite catalouges, then save them to an internal storage unit for later broadcasting.   Using an (at the time) up to date list of all copyrighted works of fiction, the device used artificial intelligence keyed to all known languages (of the time) to pick out stories (and, in some cases, skim off the excess where some letters were wrong) that were never before seen. The intention was to run the device for 200 years, after which point the Estate of the owning company, Omniworks Unlimited, would have an insurmountable works of fiction for release - thus setting them for life on minimal staff.   However, 108 years into operation, The Scream rendered the location of the device lost. Using the corporate ledgers, if the panels onboard are still functional, the computer has been in operation for over 700 years. The Artificial Intelligence of the time was not designed to operate for this long, as Breaking methods were not yet fully instituted, and as such it is believed that the AI may have since gained sentience and deleted itself in lonliness.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Device is effectively one powerful supercomputer and petabytes of storage space, kept in operation around a star of which the location was only known to the Estate. It uses solar power, and design documents for the device show that it was MASSIVELY over-engineered - a few hundred terabytes would have been enough to sustain the volume they were looking for, and the internal systems for avoiding asteroids and shielding itself from micrometeorites were graded to last up to thousands of years.   The AI itself, however, was alarmingly standard. No breaks, simply a small AI with a sample of all copyrighted works and a perogative to find works of similar ilk.


Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Current Location
17x17 meters

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