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Feywillow Tattoos

"Leave it to the Elves to take one of the oldest and most primitive art forms in the world and take almost all the fun out of it." - Jasper Cameron, Leader of The Bronze Ravens

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Two items are required to apply a Feywillow Tattoo to a person. The first is a tattoo needle made from a feywillow tree. The second is Feywillow_Paper from the same tree.   First, wetted paper is placed over the area to be tattooed, cut to shape, and then allowed to dry. Once the paper is dry the design may be placed onto the paper using the desired inks and the Feywillow Needle.   After the tattoo design is finished the paper is placed back onto the body part that will be getting the tattoo. The needle is then used to pierce through the paper to the skin directly underneath while the artist chants the required spell. This spell serves to channel the ink from the paper through the needle, to the skin where the tattoo is recreated perfectly. At the end of the process the paper is left clean and is able to be used for another tattoo, however the needle is "stained" with the memory of the tattoo and can not be used again.   There are several advantages to this method of tattooing. First and foremost Feywillow tattoos are some of the most intricate in the world, owing to the fact that by putting the tattoo first on paper one can achieve much finer detail without worry of the canvas moving.   Secondly, you (usually) only have to get stabbed once.

Manufacturing process

The leaves are shredded and pulped and then pressed into paper.   The branch is whittled down into a needle then sanded and polished.
Raw materials & Components
A branch and leaves that must come from the same Feywillow tree


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