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The Enchanted Tales

"To bring peace or ruin, to spread joy or despair, to have the world prosper or bring about it's damnation. It's all possible, because you're the star in the script you wrote."
  The Enchanted Tales is a book that magically writes itself. Though it is traditionally thought that the author writes the book, he in fact has no physical impact on this tale. Rather, the book is enchanted to create fairy tales from the mind of The Storyteller using The Weave as its source of magic. The book itself was fabricated and enchanted by The Storyteller's daughter, Lidell. The book can be lost but it cannot be destroyed by any means other than being thrown directly into The Weave itself which is a feat that is almost impossible.

The Story of The Enchanted Tales

The Enchanted Tales book is a unique artefact. The book itself was created as a way for The Storyteller's daughter to see her own stories come to life in a way she could interact with. He wanted to give her a chance to show off her powerful illusion magic in a safe way. She showed her father and her uncle how to create their own books but before they had the chance to create their own, she passed away. The Storyteller took over the mantle of her book, keeping her stories alive in her memory. Anyone can interact with the stories, but only a wielder with powerful enough magic and imagination can cause the book to write stories.


The Enchanted Tales is perhaps one of the most vibrant, powerful books in the entirety of Arrasgoth. The book itself had the power to not only help create a solid illusionary forest that has been nicknamed The Enchanted Forest, but also the ability to physically bring stories to life. The book writes itself through the power of magic and imagination, and is forever changing depending on what The Storyteller deems is a good story. It has a major impact on the landscape and culture of the Achad Region. The wielder of the book is given the title The Storyteller only when they are able to create a story within a book with their magic. There can only be one Storyteller at once living in Arrasgoth.
"I normally like books, but this one..... When even the creator doesn't fully understand something, I don't trust it."

Mechanics and Inner Workings

The Enchanted Tales is powered by The Weave so is only usable by a magic caster. It also needs to be attuned to by a powerful illusionary caster as the magic of the book relies on the person's imagination. For the book to create a story, the holder must imagine the story and use their own innate magic to force the book to write. The book will then start to write out the story in ink on the pages, but the story can be changed and adapted at any time by The Storyteller.


Raw Materials and Components

The Enchanted Tales is a traditional book in terms of its consturction. The cover is made of leather and magically embroidered with the title 'Once Upon A Time' in shimmering gold lettering in the middle. The leather is a tanned dark brown and would not stand out against any other book which is its purpose. The inside is made of parchment and the stories are written in black ink. Lidell bound the book together with a mixture of physical skill and enchantment magic to give it the purpose of being The Enchanted Tales.


This book cannot be manufactured by anyone but the family of The Storyteller so is almost impossible to replicate. The tools required to make The Enchanted Tales book are: a strong connection with the weave, a creative imagination and a book binding tool.
Item type
Book / Document
Current Location
Current Holder
6in x 9in
Base Price

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